Manchester City’s Future Following The Ban

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That Manchester City is out of the Champions League for two seasons is not a question as things are at the moment, however, the question now is “what does the future of the league champion look like at the moment.

By City’s response following the ban, it’s clear that Manchester City had been ready for some kind of decision from UEFA, but whether the severity of the announcement was what was expected is conjecture.

City believes that they have been wronged by the decision and have expressed their intention to fight the decision, they are confident that an independent judiciary will clear them.

A key factor in this unfolding sports drama is Pep Guardiola, the seasoned manager has previously affirmed that he would remain at City until the expiration of his contract in 2021 because he trusts the club’s hierarchy when they say they did not infringe on league regulations.

Now that the proverbial “shit has hit the fan”, will Guardiola decide to move on?

Considering that many of City’s star players joined the club side because Guardiola is the manager if Guardiola, therefore, decides to move on, what will happen to the club side?

City’s troubles started in November 2018 when some leaked documents were published by the German newspaper Der Spiegel. The documents showed that  Mancity City sent the European football’s governing body a deliberately inflated sponsorship deal, to mislead it to assume that Mancity had met the FFP rules requiring clubs to break even.

Does this mean that the ban on the league champion has left open an extra place in the Champions League?

Recall that City is not new to this kind of controversy as under similar circumstances in 2014, it faced a fine of £49m

The last has certainly not been heard of this unfolding drama.

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