Hero or Villain, Man Commits Suicide To Save Family From Coronavirus

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Mr. Bala Krishna is an Indian 50-year-old man who lived with his wife and children in the village of Seshamnaidu Kandriga located in Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor district in rural India.

Bala who suddenly came down with an ailment he was worried about, went to Tirumala where the nearest general hospital is located after his condition persisted for several days.

At the hospital, Bala was diagnosed with a viral fever. Because of how Bala reportedly took the news, the hospital personnel promptly told him that he had nothing to worry about since what he had was not the killer coronavirus.


Bala went back to his Seshamnaidu Kandriga village home and refused any contact with members of his family, no matter what was said, Bala believed with all his heart that the deadly coronavirus has come to claim him and by implication, his wife and children, so when his family tried to forcefully come to meet him, he pelted them with stones.

“He attacked us when we tried to tell him that he did not suffer from the deadly disease”

Bala Murali, son of the distraught Bala Krishna, reportedly called the government helpline for assistance so that they may help to convince his father that he was not infected by the killer virus, no direct help came, they just advised Murali to calm him down.

“But they told me there was nothing to worry about if my father had not visited China recently and that I should calm him down. If someone had responded in time, my father would have been alive,”

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