The Revelation of The Conspiracy Theories Around TUPAC Shakur Death

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In the recent publication by YouTube, ‘Ex Con Cody Lachey’ star revealed that Tupac Shakur is still alive and secretly living behind bars in a Los Angeles prison, according to a conspiracy theorist. The strange claim comes after “new evidence” emerged the bad boy rapper seemingly survived the infamous gun attack on his life 23 years ago.

TUPAC Shakur

According to YouTube star ‘Ex Con Cody Lachey’ posted a video showing him sifting through the LA County Sheriff’s Department inmate information site.

It displays how he searches for Tupac’s full name and date of birth he quickly discovers two startling prison “booking in” entries.

The first is from April 14, 2017, while the second is from April 26, 2019.  Both contain details which seem to match up with Tupac.

According to the unproven records, the inmate is 5ft 10ins and weighing 165lb – which tie in perfectly with Shakur.

“Tupac is supposed to be dead,” says Lachey. “This is exactly the same as the other arrest – same height, same hair colour, same weight.

“Guys – Tupac is alive, I am telling you guys. This is Tupac.”

However, not surprisingly, not everybody is convinced by the claims with some labelling them “laughable” and “clearly a joke.”

During his lifetime Tupac did serve time behind bars when he was sentenced to four years at New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility on sex abuse charges.

However, the records on the LA Country sheriff site are not connected to that offence.

The news comes after Suge Knight said Tupac talked about faking his death just weeks before he was gunned down in a drive-by shooting.

The music mogul claims the discussion started during a trip to the Pacific island of Maui, shortly after he signed Tupac to his Death Row record label.


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