Russia Unveils Nature Mimicking Spy Drones

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The Kremlin is at it again, this time they have taken full advantage of nature to produce military hardware designed to spy in a most ingenious way.

The project prototype which was reported as having a humble beginning in the form of a student’s project was seized on by Vladimir Putin’s military and developed upon till the emergence of the owl drone. The bizarre new spy drone which is reported to be slightly bigger than a real snowy owl with a wingspan of almost five feet, was created by a special military unit set up by Putin himself, the unit is reportedly made up of technicians.

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The natural aspect of the project is aimed at fooling the enemy thus enabling the unmanned craft to sneak closer to key targets in war scenarios. The second phase of the project is said to involve a yet to be unveiled drone which is reported to be a mock falcon which will even make bird noises.

The owl drone reportedly uses lasers to target artillery and military aircraft, the unmanned drone is piloted to the vicinity of a target and its sights locked onto a target, it, therefore “paints” the target which is then be “taken out” by missiles, tanks or fighter jets.

The bizarre craft that was unveiled at the Army 2019 Forum in Moscow region was created by the Russian military Innovation Technopolis ERA in Anapa, ERA was set up by Putin last year charged with the task of developing a fast track ingenious, innovative technology for use by the Russian military. The drone weights five kilos has a flying time of 40 minutes and can be operated by one person.

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