Facebook Users Can Now Create Multiple Profiles for Different Audiences

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MENLO PARK, CA – Meta announced today that Facebook users will soon be able to create and easily switch between up to five different personal profiles on the platform.

The new feature, which begins rolling out globally on Thursday, allows users to tailor their profiles and content to different audiences, like keeping separate profiles for family, friends, and professional contacts.

In a company blog post, Meta stated the change will give users “clearer organization of friends, groups, and interests” and greater freedom to engage with relevant audiences.

The multiple profile option aims to provide an official alternative to “finstas” – secondary, private Instagram accounts people often make to share different types of content.

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Profiles can be accessed from the menu in the Facebook app but will have limited functionality at launch, including no access to Facebook Dating, Marketplace, or Messenger.

Meta said it has experimented with multiple profiles over the past year and received positive feedback. The company emphasized that additional profiles must abide by Facebook’s rules around impersonation and misrepresentation.

The feature rollout will continue over the coming months. Users may also notice a refreshed Facebook logo when they update the app.

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