Ghanaian-British Entrepreneur Develops Game-Changing Translation Earbuds

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A Ghanaian-British entrepreneur created wireless earbuds that can instantly translate 40 languages. Andrew Osei-Bonsu, who was inspired by his own travels and experiences attempting to communicate with people in diverse nations, developed the earbuds known as “Timekettle M2.”


Artificial intelligence is used in the Timekettle M2 earbuds to provide real-time speech translation. They support Spanish, French, Chinese, and Arabic, among other languages. Since individuals who speak various languages can communicate more easily with each other, earbuds may be utilized for face-to-face talks or phone calls.

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In 2016, Osei-Bonsu started working on the Timekettle M2 earbuds, which he funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign after three years of development. Users have praised the earbuds’ precision and simplicity of use, describing them as “excellent.”


Osei-Bonsu is also the co-founder of a digital marketing business and a mentor to other entrepreneurs, in addition to the Timekettle M2 earbuds. He believes that the Timekettle M2 earbuds will aid individuals across the globe to communicate more efficiently by bridging the language barrier.

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