Brazilian Authorities Cease Football Legends Passport

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Football legend Ronaldinho has been banned from leaving Brazil by a judge, this is coming after a protracted case involving the building of the Ronaldinho Gaucho Institute in the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre, according to the Brazilian authorities, four years ago, Ronaldinho and his brother had broken environmental laws when they erected the Ronaldinho Gaucho Institute in Porto Alegre and had refused to pay a £1.75 million fine imposed on them.

Recall that football legend Ronaldinho set up the Ronaldinho Gaucho Institute as a charity organization, it was his contribution to the Brazilian society to help build up the minds of Brazilian youths by working with young and impoverished people in the city, the charity organization turned out to be be such a success that it has been lauded for its work.

Over the said unsettled fine, the football legend has been dragged from one court to another in Brazil amid claims he committed an offense against the government by building the said building that houses the laudable charity organization.

The prosecutors who claimed that Ronaldinho and his brother Assis Moreira have been impossible to track down pleaded that their travel documents be put in custody of the state upon which Brazilian judge Newton Fabricio demanded that both brothers passports be seized.

With the seizure, the 38-year-old ex-Barcelona star will not be able to make his scheduled appearance at the Dubai International Sports Conference at the United Arab Emirates slated for this week.

The seizure order is expected to persist until the payment of the £1.75 million fine imposed on the pair for breaking environmental construction regulations is paid in full.

Reports have it that this is not the first time that attempts have been made to confiscate Ronaldinho’s passport, sometime in November, a judge ordered that his passport be seized but because Ronaldinho was out of Brazil, the order could not be implemented, but as soon as he returned home for the Christmas break, he was again charged to court and his travel passport confiscated as a guarantee for payment of the government imposed fine.

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