Man Kills Pregnant Girl Friend Because He Was Ashamed

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A 29 years old Mustapha Idris, is a promising young man who had his 20 years old Nafisa Hashimu, live with him at his Daneji village abode, Idris saw nothing wrong with Nafisa, a divorcee, living in with him, Nafisa saw that their love has blossomed into a pregnancy and in her wild joy, ran to Idris to break the wonderful news of her three months pregnancy to him, a thing that would cost her her life.

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The news of Nafisa’s three months pregnancy hit Idris like a train, in his thoughts were the embarrassment, the gossips, the loss of face within his fellow worshippers and he literally lost it, with a knife he stabbed Nafisa to death to ward off the shame of having a baby from her out of wedlock. Then he took her lifeless body with his unborn child dead within her, to a nearby bush located at the outskirts of Daneji village, some distance from Ringim town.

When Idris was arrested for killing his three-month pregnant girlfriend, under interrogation, Mustapha Idris hinted that at the time, he felt that it was better for his girlfriend to die than to face the shame of how society will take his giving birth outside wedlock, he said,

“I’m ashamed of how the society will see us after she delivers the unborn child out of wedlock, and thus I decided to terminate her life to stay away from shame.”

Audu Jinjiri, the police spokesperson, said in Jigawa that the corpse of the deceased Nafisa was found in the pool of her blood in a bush around Daneji village approximately 22 kilometers from Ringim town. The suspect would be charged to court soon.

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