Prince Harry Loses HRH Tittle For Love.

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Abdication is not new to the British royal family, so the event of Prince Harry giving up his royal titles for love should not come as a shock, however, it has come as a big shock to the world. Recall that on December 11, 1936, King Edward VIII abdicated the throne of England to propose and marry twice-divorced American Wallis Simpson to the chagrin of the royal family.

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Britain’s Prince henry finds himself in that same position where he has to choose between his love for the love of his life and the princely duties of royalty, and he chose to love and for that, it is reported that he had to come to a “separation settlement” with Queen Elizabeth II, and the terms of this settlement demands that Prince Harry and Meghan will no longer enjoy public funding, and for renovation work done to their Frogmore Cottage home near Windsor Castle, they must refund to British taxpayers, £2.4 million ($3.1 million). The military titles and patronages he got for serving two tours with the British Army in Afghanistan, the “separation settlement” saw to it that he relinquished all of them along with the duties that go with them.

On Sunday, while speaking to reporters, Prince Harry expressed sadness at the fact that the separation settlement with Queen Elizabeth II demanded that he and Meghan had to give up their royal titles and duties.

“It brings me great sadness that it has come to this,

During an event in London, Prince Harry told a group of supporters of his Africa-based NGO Youngsters With HIV that,

“Our hope was to continue serving the Queen, the commonwealth, and my military associations, but without public funding. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible,”

After all these, the British-born Prince Harry said he still felt the “utmost respect” for his grandmother and Queen of England.

“It has been our privilege to serve you, and we will continue to lead a life of service.”

“I will always have the utmost respect for my grandmother, my commander-in-chief, and I am incredibly grateful to her and the rest of my family, for the support they have shown Meghan and me over the last few months.”

Both Prince Henry and Lady Meghan are set to begin a new life different from anything the Prince has ever lived before, they, however, want to spend some time in Canada, Prince Harry and his wife are reported to be in no real hurry to decide where to relocate to.

“We are taking a leap of faith, thank you for giving me the courage to take this next step,”

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