Chinese Deadly Mysterious Coronavirus On The Prowl

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The continent of China is on high alert following the deaths of some individuals under strange circumstances.

The Coronavirus also called 2019-nCoV has been dubbed Wuhan virus, this is in the heel of Wuhan’s “Point of First Occurrence” status.


The mysterious and deadly coronavirus was first reported to have caused death in Wuhan, a large coastal city in central China. Wuhan is popular for its large seafood and meat market.

There is palpable fear amongst the Chinese that the virus will spread rapidly because of the expected mass movement that goes with the season.

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The Lunar New Year holidays this week, and hundreds of millions of Chinese nationals are expected to make cross border travels to their homes for the holiday. However; there is the general worry by the Chinese citizens that the authorities are not taking adequate measures to check the spread of Wuhan virus.

The local health authorities in Wuhan city reported that three people have died in Wuhan city from an illness linked to the virus. As of Monday, 217 cases of the virus infection had been reported throughout the country. Wuhan virus is reported to have spread to some major Chinese cities, amongst which are Beijing and Shenzhen. Neighboring countries like South Korea, Thailand, and Japan have also reported cases of the infection within their borders.

The symptoms of the disease are similar to those of pneumonia, infected persons show feverishness and difficulty in breathing, however, little is known about the Wuhan virus, though it has been identified as a strain of corona-virus which infects the nose, throat, and sinuses, it also has traits of severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS.

The World Health Organisation says that there is a high probability that the viral outbreak must have been of origin.

To minimize the chances of 2019-nCoV spreading to other countries, all across Asia, Health authorities are taking measures to identify and quarantine carriers of the deadly virus. Before boarding planes flying out of Wuhan, the authorities have made it mandatory for all passengers to be tested for abnormal temperature by medics in Hazmat suits.

Some countries are leaving nothing to chance, for instance, personnel of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conduct screening exercise on all passengers inbound from China at major cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco. The health authorities in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo are also leaving nothing to chance.

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