General Confusion As Massive Explosion Hits Lagos.

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There was general confusion and pandemonium early Sunday morning while many were already or getting ready to go to church, this was because a massive explosion was heard, the force of the explosion was so much that a lot of people claimed to have felt the ground shake.

Our correspondent who was in the Apapa area of Lagos claimed to have heard a sonic boom around 9 am Sunday morning of 15th March 2020, the boom was followed by the slightest of tremor afoot.

Immediately after, different reports started coming up to explain the shocking event, some said a fuel tanker exploded at Apple Junction, some even said a bomb just exploded at signal barracks, others said it is the helicopter that flew by a moment ago that must have crashed, others said that it was a pipeline that exploded around Ejigbo, others argued that it was not the one at Ejigbo, it was the one around satellite town, rumor after rumor just kept flying, but they all agreed that the explosion was indeed massive.

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The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has released a statement that Sunday’s explosion happened around Abule Ado, near Trade Fair in Lagos State, it, however, refuted the claim that the explosion was the result of a disruption of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) oil pipeline. According to the Acting Coordinator of NEMA Lagos Territorial Office, Mr. Ibrahim Farinloye, while speaking with a News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) correspondent in an interview in Lagos, said

“From the information given by officials of the Lagos State Fire Service who are currently on the ground, the explosion is not connected to pipeline but might have occurred in a factory located in the Abule Ado area.

“Emergency responders are on the ground while others are still on their way to the scene. The situation is under control and we hope to get more information soon to ascertain its cause.”

According to Farinloye, NNPC had temporarily shut down its pipeline passing through the area, he said the measure is just a precautionary measure pending when the prevailing conditions are clearer and are seen not to be dangerous to forestall danger to lives and properties.

The exact extent where the sonic boom was felt is still conjecture, but the explosion was heard in far areas like Ijegun, Agege, and Ikeja, From reports coming in, several buildings were affected, there are unconfirmed reports of buildings collapsing because of the explosion.

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