Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni, Extends Government By Two Years And Claims Coronavirus

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COVID-19 otherwise known as Coronavirus is indeed a phenomenon like none before it because it’s a virus that has left its impact on everything ranging from the way we interact with one another, businesses, social lives, etc, now thanks to Coronavirus, sit tight leaders like Museveni have reasons to hold tenaciously to power.

Recall that Museveni has been the president of Uganda since 1986, and after ruling Uganda for over 33 years, like all sit-tight leaders, he has not had his fill of leadership.

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Yoweri Museveni held a press conference at the Ugandan State House, and during the press conference, he announced to Ugandans and the world that the much anticipated 2021 general elections for which active campaigns by political parties were already in full swing, has been postponed due to the outbreak of coronavirus, according to him, the elections will now hold in 2023.

President Museveni said.

“The lives of Ugandans are very important more than anything else, I have consulted with my ministers and we find it reasonable to suspend elections till 2023.

“All candidates must now suspend their campaigns and stay indoors, this will protect our people. Elections will come and go, but we must protect lives”.

As further measures to prevent the spread of the virus in Uganda, visitors from those countries considered as “high risk” countries have been restricted easy access to the country, these countries include China, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, South Korea, and Spain.

“Government has decided to ask travellers from the affected countries not to come to Uganda because the high cases they are reporting can easily be imported into the country”.

However, on Wednesday, the Health Ministry released another list of “high risk” countries, increasing the list to 16 from the previous 7, among countries added to the new list were the United States, UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Austria, and Malaysia. The Health Ministry advised travellers from these countries to consider “postponing non-essential travel to Uganda.”

According to the country’s Health Minister, Jane Ruth Aceng, the restriction is not total, travellers from these countries who insist on travelling to Uganda, just need to stay off circulation and perform self-quarantine on themselves for 14 days at their own cost, this should be carried out at home or in a government facility designated for the purpose or be sent back to where-ever they came from.

The statement added that Ugandans in affected countries are also to abide by the travel restriction and otherwise.

The 2020 United Nations G77 and China Summit which was scheduled to be held in mid-April at the nation’s capital, Kampala, has also been postponed, the Health Minister said that postponement was necessary to prevent the importation of the coronavirus.

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