Coronavirus Kills Doctor Who First Discovered It

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Li Wenliang is the 33-year-old ophthalmologist, who first identified the coronavirus in Wuhan China, he became an international hero after he alerted the world to the outbreak of the disease.

Li Wenliang died on Friday in a Wuhan hospital where he was being treated for the disease.


According to NAN report, Wenliang was himself infected by the coronavirus and has since been fighting the disease which finally claimed his life.

Recall that since his historic alert of the coronavirus, the disease was promptly tagged a global epidemic by WHO and it has so far claimed over 600 lives and infected tens of thousands globally. The coronavirus originated as a cluster of infections that is believed to have taken its root from an animal market in the coastal city of Wuhan. As at the last count, the disease has been reported in over 30 countries.

Li had earlier claimed that as soon as he alerted his colleagues about the outbreak of the coronavirus, the hospital management and party officials cautioned him not to publicize the outbreak. Announcing the outbreak, Dr. Li believed that the disease was not a new strain, he was of the opinion that the coronavirus was just a resurgence of an acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), except that this strain was more severe in action.

Nigeria Centre for Disease and Control (NCDC) has advised the public to wash their hands regularly with soap under running water.

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