Three Voters Dead, Two Injured as Ballot Box Snatchers Terrorizes Electorates In Delta State.

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Amokpe in Sapele was a war zone during yesterday’s presidential election exercise. According to eye witnesses, while accreditation was going on, a group of suspected political thugs suddenly appeared from no where and started shooting sporadically to scare away voters and election officers and agents.


The three persons killed were said to be voters who were close to the ballot boxes during their attempts to cart away the ballot boxes, it was reported that two of the voters died on the spot from gunshot wounds they sustained while the third victim died at the hospital, an additional two voters sustained gunshot injuries following the Sapele shootings.

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The incident which was said to have taken place at Amope in Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State on Saturday during accreditation and voting was the result of inadequate security arrangements put in place, it was reported that as soon as the staccato of gunshots was heard, the unarmed security personnel manning the unit simply ran for their dear lives.

However, the thugs did not succeed in snatching the ballot boxes due to the gallant intervention of some soldiers who rushed to the scene as soon as they heard the reports from the guns fired by the thugs, eye witnesses reported that the political thugs took to their heels as soon as they saw these brave soldiers. Sadly though, all of the thugs escaped.

This incident leaves one in wonder what the rational is behind the decision to send unarmed policeman to watch over polling venues when those for who’s activities this watch is necessitated come to these venues bearing sophisticated arms, for obvious reason, these unarmed policeman would have to protect themselves from being killed especially when in the service a police force like the Nigerian Police Force with practically no laid down policies to cover the families of slain policemen who die in the line of duty.

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