Nigerian February 16th Presidential Election – International Observers to go Back in Body Bags – El Rufai

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Going by the threats being issued by key players in the APC scheme of things, the “4+4” agenda of the ruling party has taken a dangerous turn.

Last week, with just days to the election, during a television broadcast, el-Rufai actually threatened the massacre of foreigners who dare to “intervene” and disrupt Buhari’s desperation to remain in office.

According to el Rufai,

“Those that are calling for anyone to come and intervene in Nigeria, we are waiting for the person that will come and intervene,”

“They will go back in body bags.”

El Rufai

Nigeria has a very long history of election rigging and other forms of election malpractices in its chequered political history, for instance there were allegations that the ruling APC came to power through such mechanism with allegations of under age voting (with pictures and videos as evidence), and as such it is not surprising that the international community has expressed interest in the outcome of this coming election especially in the light of the role that Nigeria plays in African politics.

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It therefore comes as a shock to Nigerians and the world at large that a significant member of the ruling APC has such a strange response toward the international expressions of concern about the elections being free and fair.

El Rufai, the serving governor of Kaduna state knows that the north of Nigeria is a flash point where thing could get out of hand very quickly, making such statements on TV is akin to giving his almajiri and his political touts the go ahead to cause mayhem on members of the international community in Nigeria on political watch during the elections.

Time will tell if his threat will be carried out by his foot soldiers.

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