Nigeria Health Care: Coronavirus Force Political To Face Squalid Hospitals

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From as far back as the mind can go, Nigeria’s political elites have ignored the health infrastructure of the country, they refused to adequately invest in the nation’s health-care system, but invested heavily in cars and furniture for their wicked and selfish taste, leaving the electorates who voted them into office, to face squalid hospitals with next to nothing for medical infrastructure, where for every ailment, patients are treated for malaria and typhoid at jaw-dropping costs, while they and their families make trips abroad for conditions ranging from stomach upset to toothache, and worst still, at governments expenses.

“Nemesis is a bitch”. “God don catch dem”

Then, enter novel coronavirus, the almighty COVID19.

The coronavirus this time is foreign to Nigeria and Africa, Donald Trump called it a Chinese virus, those who caught and died from it didn’t get it here, it came with them in, so when the COVID19 pandemic struck, the political class were stuck here in Nigeria, travelling abroad for treatment suddenly had a bad taste, there was no escape for them.

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Nigerian are glad that for once the originator of Nigeria’s problems has to face the music, the general belief among Nigerians is that the coronavirus is a “big man” disease, this, of course, is far from the truth, but they believe it so strongly that they are making jests of the politicians who now have no other choice available to them than to also go to the squalid hospitals Nigerians have been left with by them the political class. “God don catch them” is the general response of the average Nigerian.

Imagine that when Buhari’s chief of staff tested positive for coronavirus, Nigerians laughed with glee when the federal government announced that he was going to be flown to Lagos for treatment. “Yekpa, Lagos, wetin happen to abroad?” Nigerians teased..

Well, every government of the world was closing their borders to outsiders, this was no time to do business, survival from the lethal coronavirus was top in the agenda of every nation, outsiders like the selfish and self-centered Nigerian politician were kept at bay, even then, the chicken-hearted politicians would not even dare go abroad anymore because abroad is where coronavirus dwells.

But these politicians are the ones who in their larger than life personification hold to power by first depriving Nigerians of the basic necessities of life, push Nigerians to a state of total and absolute hopelessness, where Nigerians have to fight one other for the available but scarce resources, then they enlist the services of impoverished Nigerian young men and women as political thugs to unleash havoc on the masses who are already drowning in poverty and deprivation at all levels, spiritual, physical and financial, while their own children attend the best schools here in Nigeria and abroad.

The novel coronavirus, the almighty COVID19 has forced these callous and self-centered politicians to come home to roost, today, they have been forced to stay at home here in Nigeria because firstly, they fear to go abroad for anything at the moment and secondly because their fleet of private jets will not be allowed entry into any one of those countries where, hitherto, they went to squander the resources of Nigeria’s commonwealth.

Today, senior public officials, state governors, and lawmakers who have tested positive to the deadly virus have gone into self-isolation, not because they think that it’s the right thing to do, but because no one will interact with them, this is one of the major reason why majority of Nigerian politicians have refused to make public their COVID19 status. That is why we at flawless view congratulate the Kaduna state governor who actually made a video that went viral on social media where he informed the public that he has tested positive to the virus, we do sincerely wish him a speedy recovery.

Because these selfish, callous and self-centered politicians refused to bring the health-care system up to the standards of the ones that they see abroad, now that many of them are suffering from the coronavirus, they are stuck, they have nowhere to run to, they are now forced to rely on a health-care system that they have brazenly neglected for so long, according to the head of the umbrella group for doctors, the Nigerian Medical Association, Francis Faduyile, the Nigerian health-care system will certainly crumble if an outbreak close to the magnitude of the Italian case were to occur, because of the neglect that the health-care system has suffered over the years, thanks to the greed of the political class.

“The health system is not strong enough,”

“Over the years, it’s been denied normal funding and things are not where they’re supposed to be. If the burden of the coronavirus is added, it may be too heavy; it may actually cause a total collapse.”

“It’s going to be a lesson for those who think they can neglect the health system,

“The highest of the government officials, some of them will be infected, and they’ll have no option but to get local treatment.”

We at flawless view welcome our esteemed politicians to our shit-hole health-care system.


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