Cryptocurrency For Africa To Launch Soon.

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That cryptocurrency is gaining notoriety is no news, that it can replace fiat money is no news either, but that Africa is waking up from its “crypto slumber” is the trending news making headlines.

The is positioning itself to be the cryptocurrency of African origin to serve African states.

The  ‘AKoin,’ is a proprietary cryptocurrency, released by Senegalese pop singer Akon.


According to Akon’s projections, achieving the feat of making the ‘Akoin’ the unified cryptocurrency for Africa will be rooted in the ‘Akoin’ being the medium of exchange in the futuristic “Wakanda like” Akon city less than ten minutes drive from the new international airport in Senegal’s capital city of Dakar, that debuted in 2017.

The pop singer, Akon, announced to the world via a tweet on January 13, that the ‘Wakanda Like’ Akon city, spread over an area, 2,000-acre, a stone throw from the Senegalese capital Dakar would soon get into its first phase.

Recall that the project was first announced in 2018 and was tagged the smart city that will be built on a 2000 acre plot of land near the capital city of Dakar, a gift by President Macky Sall to the pop icon, Akon.

It is projected that the new sustainable Akon city will be completed in 10 years. According to CNN, the Akon City project will roll into the second phase sometime in 2025.

Akon City will run on the proprietary cryptocurrency, ‘AKoin,’ and this digital currency, as hoped, will be integrated into Africa as a whole.

The cryptocurrency is expected to target African issues such as instability and inflation in the region, and it is also likely to stimulate the growth of young entrepreneurs.

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