Why Snakes Enter Toilets and Natural Remedies to Scare Them Away From Homes

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Last Saturday, a Nigerian Air Force employee attached to the Support Intelligence Agency (DIA), Lance Corporal Bercy Ogha, passed away after she was attacked in her buttocks by a snake that got involved in her bathroom bowl via the sewage-disposal tank at the base in Abuja.

After the sad demise of the servicewoman, a video clip of the Snakes whisperer that was welcomed to eliminate the substantial reptile from her house has actually gone competing on social media sites elevating panic amongst individuals regarding utilizing their loos.

Ever since, more reports of snakes’ invasion of restrooms have actually likewise emerged on the web, with at the very least one death reported because of this. A local of Akungba, Ondo state uploaded a video clip of just how his sibling invested time observing their commode dish after she read about the fatality of a female via a snake bite in the bathroom.

In Lagos, a video clip that appeared online as well as was shared by preferred blog platform, Instablog, showed a snake circling around a bathroom as well as its pipes with a male behind the cam. The reoccurrence of “serpents in bathrooms” in the past week has obtained several Nigerians stressed and in search of just how such dreaded scenarios can be stopped.


Why do snakes get in buildings?. Snakes can go into a building for either reason. Either for food or for temperature.

Rats, mice, as well as also squirrels are regular victims of serpents, and also if there is a great deal of them about, they may bring serpents to your home. Snakes will adhere to these preys right into your house and also seek a location where they can readily quest them, such as septic tanks, toilets, and the kitchen area.

On the various other hand, snakes, like all reptiles, are cold-blooded (ectothermic). They control their body temperature level by heating up in the sun and cooling in the shade.

When they stay in septic storage tanks, they generally swim upwards with the pipes to discover a warmer place to control their temperature level as well as after discovering a cooler place to manage their temperature level if it ends up being too hot.

All-natural methods to avoid snakes from your house. There are a few things you can do to maintain snakes far from your home, the initial of which is to eliminate what attracts them. Mice, rats, and other rodents should be shut out of your house as lot as feasible.

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Expanding snake-repellent plants is one more method to keep serpents at bay without harming the environment. Lemongrass, tobacco plants, Mother-in-law’s tongue (additionally known as serpent plant), and scent leaves are all tested serpent repellent plants. The majority of these plants have strong fragrances that snakes dislike as well as that either mess with their perceptions or make them feel worried.

Serpents can additionally be fended off with homemade repellants, such as a garlic-onion blend. These 2 plants contain sulfonic acid, the chemical that causes one to cry while slicing them. Including oil in the mix would make it more powerful as well as can be splashed on snake-prone areas such as basements, behind appliances, bathroom corners, poultry coops, as well as various other areas. This blend nevertheless has actually to be applied at the very least twice a month for effectiveness.


Any kind of reptile living in the commode dish or approaching the pipeline will be dislodged by pouring a sensible amount of vinegar into it. It might likewise send them out of bodies of water in or around your property (swimming pools).

It’s additionally vital to do away with any kind of possible hiding places in your house. Trim yards on a routine basis, and also relocate heaps of products (woods, rubbers, lawns, and so forth) more often. Check your residence for fractures, harmed screens, and various other possible entrance points so serpents can’t enter. Coop as well as other barns are in the same watercraft. They can crawl right into extremely tiny spaces, so strive to secure any spaces they can locate.


Reacting to a snake accident. Online health supporter, Dr. Chinonso Egemba, commonly known as Aproko Doctor, reacting to the current advancements with a video clip on his Twitter described that the traditional approaches of tying the upper part of the spot where the snake had attacked are not hundred percent reliable at it can lead to problems such as muting the location where the poisonous substance was concentrated.

“If you link that part of the body, it will concentrate the venom around the connected area, causing the fatality of that location which might result in the hand or leg being removed,” Mr. Egemba stated.


He better explained that such techniques do not be sufficient for areas that can not be tied, such as the butts where Ms. Ogha was most possibly attacked.

“The most important thing in a snake bite is making sure that the individual is calm. And after that ensuring that the individual does not relocate, if the person relocates it will provide the poison to the heart fast, that will spread it and also the individual can die,” the doctor better discussed.

Mr. Egemba additionally claimed that identifying the serpent might be very helpful to the administration of anti-venom and also that medical help should be sought instantly.

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