The police are committed to cracking down on all demonstrations in Lagos.

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The Lagos Police Command has once again warned of SARS’s end rallies in the state.
It is expected that the demonstrations will resume on Monday, December 7, 2020, at designated locations in the metropolitan area.

Police Public Relations Officer Muyiwa Adejobi said Sunday that “people and non-partisan groups are planning to embark on the replica of the recent violent demonstration of the end of SARS.”
He said the information indicated that the sponsors intended to attract unsuspecting Lagosians, especially young people.

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The police reminded everyone that the Lagos state government, businesses, individuals, security organizations and families recovered from the civil unrest in October.
“Lagos State is still nurturing the wounds orchestrated by some violent End SARS protesters and not fit to accommodate such protest for now.

“Lagos State Police Command, therefore, warns those who might want to disguise under End SARS protest to cause another set of mayhem in the state, to desist from such plans.”

The statement pointed out that the police and other agencies will not bend their arms and will not tolerate any more lawlessness.

The commandment warns parents and guardians to deter their children and wards from protesting.
It added that “any unlawful gathering, procession or protest will be suppressed professionally in accordance with the provisions of the law”.

The police advised residents to go about their lawful activities, assuring that all hands are on deck to maintain law and order.


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