Nigerian woman Executed in Saudi Arabia: FG Denies Lack Of Interest, Criminal Airports Officials Indicted

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In response to reports of non interest in the case which led to the execution of a Nigerian woman in Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has refuted the report that it ignored the call for intervention over Mrs Kudirat Afolabi, a Nigerian woman, executed in Saudi Arabia for drug trafficking.

The spokesperson of the ministry, Sarah Sanda, released a statement on Friday in Abuja where she said that by the report in some of the media was a complete falsehood.

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“The attention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been drawn to a tendentious, mischievous and libelous article over the matter

“It alleged that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the minister were somehow responsible for the death of a Nigerian lady, Ms Afolabi, executed in Saudi Arabia for drug trafficking, by not reacting immediately to letters addressed to the minister by the former Consul General, informing of the imminent execution of the lady in question,

“This is preposterous and a complete falsehood. Clearly those behind the article who have deliberately distorted the facts have an agenda,”

The spokesperson said that the report which quoted extensively from a letter written by the said Consul General did not state that the lady in question, Ms Afolabi was about to be executed.

She said that the letter rather states, “peddling of drugs into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia… punishable with death penalty.

”Unfortunately, between 2016-2017 the underlisted Nigerians were arrested……for smuggling narcotic drugs concealed in their rectums.

“They have since been sentenced to death and the sentences had already been carried out on some of them.”

According to Sarah Sanda, the report also listed 24 Nigerians on death row or executed, including Ms Afolabi.

According to her, the letter from the former Consul General was received on Feb. 19 raising an alarm over the criminal acts at certain Nigerian airports.

“The letter said officials at those airports allegedly smuggled drugs to Saudi Arabia by checking in bags using the details of unsuspecting passengers.

“Immediate action was taken by the Minister by reaching out to the relevant Nigerian authorities,

“Over the last three years, the Minister and our Embassy in Saudi Arabia have relentlessly engaged the Saudi Government orally and in writing on the need to commute the death sentences of Nigerians on death row.

“Whipping up primordial sentiments by casting irresponsible aspersions does an injustice to the memory of the deceased and to her family and friends.”

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