Nigerian Senators Branded As Nigeria’s Problem,Senator Shehu Lambasted For Criticizing Buhari Over the State of Refinery.

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For expressing critical views about Buhari governments inability to run a functional refinery structure in Nigeria, the lawmaker representing Kaduna Central senatorial district, at the National Assembly, Senator Shehu Sani, has been lambasted by some Nigerians on social media. Senator who thought that by his criticism he was fighting the course of the downtrodden masses got more than he bargained for.

Senator Sani tweeted on Saturday attacking the Buhari government for begging Saudi Arabia to come to Nigeria and build refineries, he also wondered why a country would be expecting delivery based on the activities of a private investor like Aliko Dangote, Nigeria’s richest businessman, in the building of his refinery.

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Senator Shehu Sani’s tweet.

“The refineries promised has not been built, the ones we have are not working and when they are asked, they will point at Dangote refinery.

“And we are begging Saudi Arabia,an oil-producing country like us to come and build refineries in Nigeria. This kin thing tire me.”

The backlash of responses from Nigerians on social media showed that Nigerians were not fooled by the seemingly patriotic impressions which his ordinarily good criticism portrayed. Though the criticism was upright, the source was the problem.

Senator Sani like all of his colleagues are considered a constant drain on the nation’s resources, they are the ones that have set their salaries to unbelievably high levels and in addition to this unusually exorbitant salary scale, they have allocated to themselves allowances that cover everything ranging from recharge card, newspapers, gardening, security, domestic, health, etc, all these at the expense of the Nigerian taxpayers, majority of who live on below $1 per day, while they take home these criminal salaries, there are no monies to maintain the limited extremely over pressured infrastructures in the nation, the result is that there is no electricity, poor health care, no jobs because the struggling industrial sector is experiencing massive shutdown of both local and foreign companies, crime levels growing to new heights, kidnapping and ritual killings a daily occurrence.

The social media users blame Shehu Sani and his colleagues at the National Assembly as the real problem of Nigeria.

Here are some of the reactions to the Senator’s criticism.

“If you as a senator together with your colleagues go home with not less than fourty millions of naira each (40,000:000) monthly, what else do you expect the government to use build reffineries? You & your colleagues are the problem of this country.”

“The only thing you know is propaganda. No one is interested in your sermon. You don’t love the masses, if you do, why don’t you use your N13million salary to assist the poor and lay the precedent for others to follow. Live by example.”

“This shameless Shehu don forget that he’s part and parcel of the problem.”

“Posterity will ask you one day, what did you do to put all the things in place when you were collecting millions for doing little at the National Assembly.”

“Which efforts did you make as a Lawmaker for good 4 years to address the issue?”

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