Labour Party Stands By Obasanjo’s Endorsement of Peter Obi for President, Refutes Claims of Insignificance

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The Labour Party has responded to accusations made by the opposition that the endorsement of the party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, by former president Olusegun Obasanjo, holds little value. In an exclusive statement to Saturday PUNCH, the Spokesperson of the Obi-Datti Presidential Campaign Council, Yinusa Tanko, stated that those who believe the endorsement to be insignificant will be surprised.

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The statement comes on the heels of the recent backlash against Obasanjo’s statements at the Nigeria Leadership series, a digital event organized by the Africa Leadership Group on Thursday. At the event, Obasanjo announced that he would neither be joining the campaign trail for Obi nor mobilizing other former presidents and statesmen to support him. Despite this, Obasanjo emphasized that he endorsed Obi because he believed the candidate possessed superior character, track record, vision, and physical and mental ability compared to other presidential candidates.

Drawing inspiration from a viral video of a preacher who urged his congregation to vote for individuals whose values they would want their children to emulate, Obasanjo implored Nigerians to vote for the presidential candidate whose values align with what they hope for their children’s future.

In response to criticisms of Obasanjo’s endorsement, Tanko emphasized that the former president’s endorsement demonstrates his patriotism and willingness to bring the country out of difficult times by ensuring power does not reside in corrupt and potentially unhealthy individuals. When asked about Obasanjo’s lack of further promotional efforts, Tanko stated that Obasanjo has been more obedient than any other person and has reached out to many Nigerians to garner support for Obi. Tanko also pointed out that the same individuals who are now trying to downplay the significance of Obasanjo’s endorsement were previously vying for his endorsement.

When questioned about the possibility of Obasanjo not being able to secure victory for Obi in his own ward, Tanko confidently stated that those who believe this will be shocked. He went on to highlight Obasanjo’s connections to both local and international communities, his vision, determination, and his love for Nigeria. He noted that his words carry weight and resonate with the Nigerian youth.

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