I Cannot Let Go of Nnamdi Kanu, Says President Buhari.

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President Muhammadu Buhari rejected the option to free Nnamdi Kanu, head of the illegal indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB).

Some Igbo leaders had visited the president at Aso Rock, where they advocated for releasing the IPOB leader, who is currently on trial for treason.

They requested clemency from the president, and Buhari promised to see what he could do.

But speaking in an interview with Channels Television, Buhari stated that he would not interfere in judicial matters.

“There is one institution that I wouldn’t interfere with, that is the judiciary. Kanu’s case is with the judiciary, but what I wonder is when Kanu was safely in Europe, abusing this administration and mentioning too many things, I thought he wants to come and defend himself on the accusations.

“So, we are giving him an opportunity to defend himself in our system, not to be abusing us from Europe as if he was not a Nigerian. Let him come here with us and then criticise us here. Nigerians know that I don’t interfere with the judiciary, let him be listened to. But those who are saying that he should be released, no, we cannot release him.”

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Buhari told youth not to cling to the government to find work.

Buhari also asked young people not to think that the government should give them employment after graduation.

The president was attacked a few years ago for calling young Nigerians lazy.

When asked what comes to his mind about Nigeria’s young people in his Channels TV interview, he said, “I wish when they go to school, when they work hard, when they earn a degree, they don’t give it thinking that government must provide them with a job.

“You get educated because an educated person is certainly better than uneducated one even in identifying personal problem. So education is not just meant to hang on to government to give you a job and what the colonialist indoctrinated in us, to have a car, to have a house and to start work at 8 o’clock and close by 2 o’clock. No.”

Questioned about the 2023 election, he said it was not his problem, adding that he would not reveal his favorite to succeed him in 2023.

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