Gana Burying 12-yr-Old Daughter Alive in His Village For Natural Powers ― Gang member

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Major, one of the gang members of late terror kingpin Gana, identified as Aondehemba has declared that the late warlord got his power from burying his 12 years old daughter, 11 years ago in his village. This is simply as he revealed that Gana accepted Christ right before his death.

Communicating with The Nation, Aondehemba, also called Major, exposed that the gang members cautioned their late leader not to trust the peace offering that ultimately claimed his life. Significant revealed that Gana, in his lifetime, trained over 200 gun-carrying members in Benue North East and Taraba State. “It is a battalion,” he said. “We are numerous and have a powerful network.

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Gana was a leader that cared a lot about us. Major likewise specified that Gana’s resolve to tow the path of peace and avoid violence was out of respect for Senator Gabriel Suswan and Bishop of Gboko William Aveyam. Describing how effective Gana was and why he couldn’t potentially vanish before his death like some of them did, Major stated: “I was among the 5 gang members that disappeared in the convoy when the army stopped us in Gboko.

He declared that Gana had actually supernatural powers obtained from burying his 12-year-old daughter alive 11 years earlier in his Gbitse town.

“The military got Gana quickly due to the fact that he came out of the forest. “Gana was in his village in Gbitse when he has declared desired some years back, and each time the military went there to jail him, they were unable to determine him.
“Now Gana is no more, however, his spirit is still very much alive. He gave us a directive on what to do in case he died.

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