COZA-gate – Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo And His Wife Address His Congregation. (FULL TEXT)

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Sunday’s service was brief and tension soaked, the service started at about 9 am. And ended at 10:35 am. There was a heavy police presence around the Abuja premises of the church because of the planned demonstration against the “man of God”.

The congregation of embattled founder and leader of the Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly (COZA), Biodun Fatoyinbo, looked on with palpitation not knowing what to expect from their General Overseer who since Thursday has been in the eye of the storm that has hit “Christendom” when one of her greats have been accused of a vile conduct such as rape.

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As a move to douse the palpable tension, earlier in the Sunday service, about seven women gave testimonies, each separately testifying to the immensely positive change that they experienced in their lives since they met pastor Fatoyinbo, after these testimonies, the estranged Fatoyinbo’s wife in the person of Omodele Fatoyinbo, started her mini-sermon with a Bible scripture from ”2 Samuel 22:1”, she doggedly stood by her husband refuting every accusation against her spouse, assuring the congregation that even as an unbeliever, her husband never raped anyone.

Alas, the time came, the atmosphere was electric, the “man of God” mounted the pulpit and here was what he said the word for word.

” Having you in my life, I am the most blessed pastor in the world. It took me a long time to get here today. I did not like what I saw today. Some if you came early, this is not what I want to put you through. I will only say something to you, if I was not a pastor of this church, I will be a member.

“I have been relating with all my mentors, you know I am a man under authority, I really love to listen to them. So, I am going to be giving a few instructions as time goes on but the first instruction I want to give is, be that as it may with what is going on, I am not a desperate person to say we must have the programme. With what is going on I don’t want to put any… I don’t like… I am a peaceful person, you know that.

“So, because of this, we are going to be having prayers every day for those who are interested to come. But we are not going to have the ‘seven days of glory’ (grumbling) because I don’t want all these kinds of stuff. I think last month we prayed for a whole month and we do all of that. Please, let’s be people of peace.

“So, if you want to pray with us, you can come here to pray. But the regular seven days…, you don’t want to put your guest speakers through that. You know we love to host people properly; we don’t want to do that. And you know some of them, apart from the fact that the Lord spoke to me about that, my mentors said to me, this is what we need to do while we step in and make sure we see what is going on. And you know what we stand for in COZA. So, please let’s obey God in our mentors and be a people of peace.

“Also, when you are going out, they are going to direct you how to go out, please don’t fight anybody, don’t reply to anybody, you came to worship. They may say things to you, it doesn’t matter. Please, behave yourselves and make sure everything is in place.”


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