Arrest Amotekun Proponents Miyetti Allah Tells FG

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The last has not been heard of the controversial issue of “Amotekun”. Bello Abdullahi Bodejo, the National President-General of Miyetti Allah, while speaking with VINCENT KALU, in an interview, advised the present leadership to arrest those promoting the Southwest regional security network agenda, “Amotekun”. According to Bodejo, “Ametokun” is the grand plot by the promoters to restrict the Fulani herdsmen from grazing their livestock in Yorubaland. When asked what his view of the proposed regional security outfit, (Operation Amotekun) was, he had this to say.

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“I read it on the internet. However, it would have been a good development, if the national security agencies – the Army, the Police, the DSS, the Civil Defense, etc, were not living up to expectations. Will Amotekun have more security intelligence than these national security organizations? The answer is no. Anything security should be left with those security organizations, so, I don’t know the reason for this one from the Southwest, except that it has a sinister motive.

“Look at how the vigilantes are causing troubles all over; there is what is called interest in setting up this type of thing. Look at Zamfara where the vigilantes and the Fulani are having issues.

The Attorney General said the WNSN is an illegal outfit, are you in support of that?

“They should not only ban it but should arrest the leaders of this group. Like I said earlier, nobody or group has more security intelligence than the Police. The Army is doing enough; the DSS is also doing enough, likewise the Civil Defence.

“They are just doing all these things in order to stop the Fulani from coming into their area; it is just a hidden agenda to prevent the Fulani herdsmen from grazing in their God-given areas.

“If you say you set up Amotekun to protect your region, what about Northern Nigeria, what about the Southeast and the South-South and other places that don’t have that kind of thing. Nigeria is one; everything is one unless they want to divide the country.

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“I know some of their leaders have good hearts, but others have evil hearts, and those are the ones coming up with this agenda that the Fulani can’t do this and the Fulani can’t do that; all these things are happening because of Fulani; they are just against the Fulani.

“I support 100 percent of the federal government banning it, and the leaders should be arrested. It is a deliberate plot against the Fulani. How many Fulani have been involved in crime and criminal activities in the area? Go and check, those people they have been parading as criminals are not Fulani; if they see a Fulani with his cattle inside the bush, they will be calling the Commissioner of Police, DPO, Area Commander and other personalities that they have caught a Fulani committing one crime or the other. The moment this is done, the herdsman is scared and he would be made to sell all his cows to free himself from that wicked accusation, that is why you see some of these people are jumping from here to here supporting illegalities and they have their aim.

When asked what he had to say about the fact that Miyetti Allah had a pending case in court against Oyo State over the anti-grazing law, especially considering that Amotekun was headquartered in Oyo State, he had this to say

“We are following the anti-grazing law in Oyo very carefully, and we are sending our lawyers, but not much progress is being made in the court.

“I had a meeting recently with some Fulani from Oyo who came to visit me, they told me how pressure was being mounted on them; and that the environment was being made so harsh and uncomfortable for them. I told them to be law-abiding while carrying out their businesses. There, they don’t have fathers or mothers, so the only solution is to approach the court where we can have justice as we are in Nigeria.

“I tell you, whether the headquarters of Amotekun is in Oyo or any of the states in the Southwest, as a governor, you are the chief security officer of that state, and in that state, you have the police, the army, the DSS, civil defense, why can’t you use these security agencies that are very well organized, well-accepted to tackle any security issue in your state, instead of bringing a different hing to create confusion. I don’t think that the Nigeria Police will support this kind of illegalities.

When asked if the creation of Amotekun will have any impact on RUGA, he said

“Thank God that it is not only Fulani that are rearing cows now, Yoruba and other tribes are now rearing cattle, but I still insist that RUGA should be created for the Fulani to protect them because they cannot leave Nigeria; they cannot stop their business, as they will continue to do their businesses. The state governors should carve out specific places the Fulani to continue their businesses; they don’t have any place to go.

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