Magun in Action as Lover Man Sticks to Colleagues Wife in Hotel

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Upcoming Ugandan Singer, “San Yo” saw the ugly side of promiscuity when after rounds of sex with another man’s wife, he got stuck in the wife of Abdu Mulaasi a senior colleague in the industry. It was reported that when both adulterous lovers realised that they could not detach from each other they called for help from the hotel employees.

The glued lovers were wrapped in a bed sheet and placed on a truck and then were taken around town going from one local native doctor to the other in an effort to unglue them.

Recall that Africa is full of such devices to put a check on philandering spouses, the cheated spouse secretly laces the offending partner with the “adultery tracker” (Magun among the Yorubas) and when the cheater embarks on such sexual escapade, the “Magun” takes effect only after the deed has been done and this results in both parties getting stuck like dogs do.

According to words making rounds, San Yo and Mrs Mulaasi remained glued together until Mr. Abdu Mulaasi arrived at the scene, after hearing about the incident. It is reported that he did not appear surprised, making people suspect that he must have known that his wife has been cheating on him and he had laced her with the magical device. The illicit lovers were eventually separated in the presence of Abdu Mulaasi.

A video of the entire incident was filmed and posted to YouTube and it has been receiving reactions from the public.

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